Purposes and strategies

We have chosen the maximal efficiency strategy as our primary development vector.
This strategy includes:


  • availability and constant growth of the land assets;
  • use of acknowledged and efficient methods of monitoring and land farming;
  • support of the most cost efficient manufacturing assets;
  • fence mending with customers with the purpose of long-term cooperation;

Implementation of the vertically integrated structure of storage and trade of the products. 


From the day of incorporation of the Company in 2015 the cultivated area has increased up to 2100 ha. The land is partially occupied by potato and winter wheat. 

Purchase of the modern technical equipment and increase of the vehicle park.

Reconstruction and equipment with the modern climate-control devices of the potato warehouse.

Launch of the processing and potato sorting line. 

Launch of the automated packaging line. 


Increase of the land assets up to 10.000 ha.

Extension of the utilized technologies spectrum, preferring the most current, intensive, and resource-saving ones. 

Cultivation of the new high-yielders of potato, grains,  and oil crops in 2016.

Further extension of the vehicles park and modernization of the production base. 

Start of construction of a new manufacturing and warehousing facility with advance equipment for the purposes of storage and processing of the products. 


Launch of soybean seed reproduction site

Test sowing of winter rape

 Acquisition of self-propelled sprayer


Fallow land development

Expansion of acreage