About Us

Mikhailovskaya Eco-Farm was started in March of 2015. Land areas of the Company are located in the Black Earth zones of Ryazan region.

As early as during its first year the farm acquired 3000 ha of fertile lands, of which 100 ha are used to grow potatoes and 2500 ha for grain crops. In 2016 the Company plans to increase its cultivated areas up to 3000 ha, and to add to the land assets up to 10 000 ha.

The Agricultural Holding has its own vehicle park, consisting of the following well-known brands: GRIMME, John Deere, VADERSTAD, Lemken,Challenger, and CLAAS.

By using modern planting and growth technologies, the most advanced scientific and technical ideas, and the prime quality Ryazan lands we are able to secure high crop yield and deliver natural and healthy products.  Ecological safety and perfect quality of products is the priority of our production process, that why we implement strict quality control procedures at each production stage.