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Mikhailovskaya Eco-Farm 

A reliable partner in the agricultural market.

A major agricultural producer of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops.



Oilseeds Cultivation

Growing oilseeds is one of the main activities of the company.

The use of modern cultivation technology allows to obtain high-quality product. Varieties are selected according to the climatic features of the growing area. Their distinguishing feature is the maximum level of yield, resistance to many diseases, and consistently high quality.

Grown varieties



Growing grain

Cultivation of grains is by no means unimportant for the Company and is considered one of the primary spheres of development. The entire space of lands occupied for the grains in 2015 was 2500 ha. 

Grown varieties



Cultivation sedirates

Cultivation of sedirates


To Our Investors and Foreign Partners

Constant improvement of business process and production technologies, and increase of the operating turnover allow us to tap new markets and work towards new tops.

Being totally transparent and honest we aim to create stable business relations with our partners for the mutual beneficial cooperation.

To Distribution Chains

We are ready to guarantee the following:

• uninterrupted supply of goods and supporting documentation in a specified time frame;

• ensuring the safety of goods due to compliance with storage standards;

• consistently high quality products that passed all laboratory tests;

• ready to discuss the necessary packaging and type of packaging to your requirements;

• the possibility of sowing land for the desired product.



To Processors

We are always happy to offer the most favorable terms for stable partnership. We do our best to fulfill all our business obligations.

We may guarantee to our partners:


  • excellent quality of our products;
  • complete deliveries in a timely manner;
  • transparency and accuracy in all calculations and documents;
  • appreciated value of partnerships. 



To Small Businesses

We are open for cooperation. By becoming our partner you will gain multiple advantages, viz.:

  • high quality products, which successfully passed all laboratory tests;
  • complete package of supporting documents;
  • deliveries of volumes of 20 tons and more;
  • a possibility of customer pick-up due to convenient location. 


Why we

  • High level of technical equipment.
    Use of the most efficient modern technologies allows for high quality and stable crop yield within the optimal agricultural timeframes.

  • Flexible cooperation terms.
    We own a large land pool and specialized machinery, which allows us to offer customized partnership terms. 

  • Quality Guarantee.
    Use of the elite planting material produced by the leading manufacturers of the seed-farming industry allows us to guarantee high quality of the final product.

  • Guarantee of Ecological Safety
    All utilized technologies are free from any negative impacts on the environment, thus preserving favorable ecological conditions. 

  • Highly-Qualified Personnel.
    Our personnel attend special training programs with the purposed of skill improvement. The said training courses take place at plant and seed farming companies and allow for the maximal efficiency of problem solutions. 

About AgroFarm


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